How Talents Arena Redefines Technical Hiring?

“There is a  hiring problem in the technical field not only in Egypt but also globally and Talents Arena is our idea to help solve this problem” Aya Elgebeely – Founder and CEO of Talents Arena. 

Talents Arena is an AI-based technical hiring platform. Where the companies can build their profiles, post their hiring needs and get matched with the perfect candidates. Aya Elgebeily launched the startup almost a year ago, aiming to match the top technical talents with jobs that meet their qualifications, as the hiring problem was a major issue she encountered during her long experience in the software development field. 

The problem according to Elgebeely can be divided into two points, “from the employer’s side it is finding the suitable candidate and the retention of the hired talents while from the developer’s side it is mainly that many of them are not able to cope with the market needs” 

Elgebeely explains the problem’s first part as the employer doesn’t always know how to find the ideal talent, they sometimes put unrealistic job descriptions and ask for qualifications that don’t fit their products. This results in never finding the developer they are asking for or in case of finding him/her, the developer gets bored as the job is not up to those specific qualifications. Then comes the retention problem, which is a result of several things; for example, no definite career path or obvious pay scale, no appraisal system that suits the developers and no evaluation criteria. Also, developers like having challenges and new experiences; if the employer doesn’t provide that they can’t keep the developer for long. 

While on the other hand, the developers call themselves seniors too early or specialize in a very specific programming language that might die the next day and they also graduate with an irrelevant experience to the market

“Here comes Talents Arena,” She said; “We work on both sides, we give advice to the employer and support the developers” she added. Elgebeely elaborated that Talents Arena’s teamwork with the companies on their employer brand, they make sure the brand is appealing to developers and also that the working environment is suitable and challenging enough for them. The team also advises the employer on how to write a good job description that fits his/her real needs, how to pay the developers according to the market’s rates and of course match them with developers that are excited and willing to work on their product. “If the company doesn’t respect the developer’s needs, we don’t work with it” She added.  

From the developers’  side; Elgebeely explained that Talents Arena works on the skills and on making everything clear before they move forward. “We send them the technical assessment so they know what skills to work on and we also tell them everything about the company; to make sure they are fine with it and that it meets their needs” She elaborated.  Elgebeely also said that there are plans for making the platform more informative and using it to post blogs, videos, and resources for the developers to enhance their knowledge and experience.

“We know that the problem is huge but we want to be a part of the solution, this is our target; we are setting a model in redefining the technical hiring” Elgebeely Concluded




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